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Bingo Terms – Bingo Terminology – Bingo Slang

Constant updates and changes are made to the dictionary/glossary of bingo terms.

90 Ball – 90 balls are used to play UK style bingo.

90 Ball bingo is the form of bingo that is played at the majority of bingo sites.

75 Ball – This refers to the style of bingo played in America where 75 balls are used.

80 Ball – 80 balls are employed by the 80 ball, which became popular on the Internet.

“BINGO” – The word you say when your board has the winning pattern

Board – An electronic bingo board that displayed lighted numbers while you are playing.

Bingo Card – A standard bingo card contains rows and columns, each one numbered. The card is used to track which numbers you have that have been called.

Buyin – The price of entering a (single ticket) game of bingo

Caller – The emcee who announces the bingo numbers during play.

Chat – Interactive chat with other players is available through most online bingo halls.

Chat Games – Games played on the side that allow winnings with mini chat games in the course of regular play.

Consolation Prize – This refers to the award given to a bingo player — either the 2nd person to hit bingo or if in the course of a progressive game, the maximum amount of balls is not achieved by anyone.

Coverall – A bingo game with a goal of covering every number on your ticket.

Daubbers – The marker used for number dabbing, as the numbers are called out on your ticket of bingo.

Diagonal Line – Including free space, pattern from one corner to the other, this is a winning play.

Early Bird Bingo – For the day/night, the first bingo game.

Fair and Square – A game of bingo where all people must purchase the same quantity of tickets so nobody will have the benefits of many tickets, like they do with the usual bingo games.

At most online bingo sites you can find fair and square games.

Four Corners – A game in which all of the card’s corners need to be covered.

Free Space – Each card gives a player one free bingo space in each game; the free space is generally found in the middle of the card.

Full House – When all of the numbers on the card are covered by the player in a regular game.

Hardway Bingo – The name of this pattern refers to a line which does not include the Free Square.

Inlaid Cards – Bingo cards that come built into a table.

Instant Bingo – You are allowed to play bingo online for cash prizes, by employing the lottery tickets combined with scratch cards for the lottery.

Jackpot – In a bingo game, this is the main cash prize.

Last Call – The game that is the final one of the night.

Late Night Bingo – Bingo beginning after 11:00 pm (occasionally 10:00)

Lights Out – Final game of the evening.

Lucky Jar – Progressive type jackpots which are earned if a targeted number is the winning one.

Max Bet – This is the highest amount of money you can purchase one ticket for in any particular game.

Max Tickets – The most amount of tickets you can purchase in one game (many variations)

Min Buyin – The minimum amount, in any particular session, for a ticket of bingo.

Money Ball – Normally a player wins double the jackpot if he/she hits bingo on the money ball.

Moonlight Bingo – The same as late night bingo.

Multiple Winners – When two people hit the same number with bingo, and split the prize.

On the Way – The game that precedes the coverall game

Pattern – The winning combination required to have the numbers on to be a game winner.

Payout – The winnings or fraction of winnings for a game of bingo.

Postage Stamp – Four contiguous corner squares must be covered to achieve this pattern.

(2×2) Progressive – In the instance where a bingo jackpot has to be won within a fixed number of balls and it doesn’t happen, the progressive jackpot continues to increase until somebody gets over the threshold number.

Quickie – In this game, you must fill the entire card and the numbers are pulled very quickly.

RNG – Random Number Generator (used to ensure fairness)

Session – A lengthy night of bingo.

Shutterboard – A unique version of bingo ticket when the numbers are concealed by slot/shutters and when the numbers are called you close them up.

Texas Blackout – A game where you need to cover every even or odd number, depending on the initial number called.

Tickets – In order to keep track of your numbers, the paper or other material you utilize is referred to as the tickets.

Wild Number – A game where the wild card number’s final digit is playable anywhere on your card. As an example, for a wild number 13, a player could mark off 23, 33, 43, etc.

Wrap Up Game – For the night, the last and final game.

If I forget about some bingo terms, pleas feel free to comment.

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