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How to play Bingo

Bingo is a wonderful game of luck, which requires patience, good coordination with hearing and looking at numbers and it is enjoyable. Please remember that all gambling is addictive, so watch yourself.

With BINGO, all players receive their own sheet, which includes six cards with 90 numbers total. Each separate card has 27 spaces divided into 9 columns by 3 rows. Each number is unique, therefore there will not be another anywhere else on the sheet.

This is what you must do. Listen to the numbers as the host calls them according to what is on the sheet, with the goal of completing the pattern that spells out BINGO. This pattern will be specified when the game starts, so you must be sure you remember the pattern you are searching for. The letters B-I-N-G-O are on the BINGO cards in a row with numbers in a column. A host will say a letter/number combination, and then you should mark it on your paper. For instance, if the announcer says I-34, you will look at the I column and then look for the number 34. Mark that area if it is on your card, and so forth.

Your goal will be to follow the intended pattern using the letters BINGO, by matching the letters and numbers that are called. Normally the patterns are vertical or horizontal, however, they can be anything such as a T-shape, or U-shape, or many others. You must shout “BINGO’ immediately when you obtain the pattern, and you will receive the prize. However, the prize will be shared by all winners who achieve BINGO simultaneously.

There are halls designed only to play BINGO where it can be played by a number of players. The build up of suspense is the real fun as other players are viewed as getting nearer and nearer to the finish line in “BINGO”. Now you can play Bingo online. The game is the same, though there are many variations available online. You will be the winner if you fill in one of various patterns before anyone else does. While playing online, the computer will flash ‘Bingo!’ when you have hit it. Some games include a chat feature, which allows you to visit with other players and feel as if you are right there together at the game although you are online and at home. But this is sometimes distracting for the player.

When you play BINGO on the Internet, the PC randomly deals you your cards. You are able to play with a huge amount of cards — often many as 100 or even more. Usually you won’t require anymore than three or four cards. Your BINGO numbers will either be shown on a display board or flashed by a caller, and you must then fill the displayed pattern to win the game. The numbers will be searched for automatically and filled in for you by a computer with some of the games online. Some people find the fact that it is automated boring, but some enjoy the idea of just sitting back and watching for the “BINGO” flash! Now you are aware of the way to play online bingo, and now you can learn where you can play a game of bingo.

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